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Personal property

Covered perils

We cover your personal property against a broad spectrum of perils (i.e. causes of damage/loss):

Fire, lightning, explosions, and smoke

Many kinds of water damage


Vandalism and riots

Wind and hail

Weight of ice/snow

Frozen pipes

Impact from vehicles and falling objects

Mold from a covered peril

Covered property

We cover your personal property anywhere in the world, including:

Jewelry & Watches

Computers, tablets, and smartphones

Furniture, clothes, and housewares

TVs and game consoles



Musical instruments

Art and collectibles

Replacement of important documents

Worldwide coverage

Your coverage is not limited to the confines of your apartment. If your laptop gets stolen in a coffee shop while on a trip, we'll cover that too.

Replacement Cost

For a covered loss we will pay for you to buy a new, equivalent replacement. Some other insurers pay less to account for your item being used.


Deductible is the amount of money that will be deducted from a property claim payout in the event of a loss. It is applied only once per claim.

So, say there's a fire at your place, and you need to replace $8,000 worth of property in your home. If your insurance policy has a deductible of $500, the maximum we will pay is $7,500 ($8,000 - $500).

Coverage Options

Standard coverage

Included with your property policy

  • Standard covered perils
  • Covers accidental damage
  • Zero deductible

SUPERGOOD coverage

Optional upgrade that you can purchase

  • Standard covered perils
  • Covers accidental damage
  • Zero deductible

Liability protection

This coverage protects you if you get sued for accidental property damage or bodily injury. Critically, it also pays for the cost of your defense (lawyers' bills), even if you're found not liable.

If your landlord requires renters insurance, this is the coverage they're looking for.

Guest medical

This coverage pays your guests' medical bills if they are hurt at your place even if it's not your fault. Offering to help in such cases significantly lowers the chance of you getting sued. If you are sued, that’s what Liability Coverage is for.

Temporary housing

Also known as "Loss of Use" coverage, this covers your living expenses when you can't comfortably live in your home due to a covered loss such as being flooded by your upstairs neighbor.

This coverage is often under-appreciated so we bundle it with property coverage for your own good.

What's not covered

Non-standard coverage

Accidental damage to your property is covered with an optional upgrade to SUPERGOOD.

Earthquake insurance is not included in your policy. We’re happy to get you covered through our partner, Palomar Specialty.

Covered elsewhere

Rising water, aka “flood” is covered by a flood insurance policy from the National Flood Insurance Program, which we're unfortunately unable to offer.

Vehicles, powered boats, electric scooters, and aircraft should be insured with a dedicated policy, as Renters Insurance is not designed for powered vehicles. Electric-assist bikes are still covered as bicycles though.

Risks we can’t cover

Certain risk types simply don’t fit within our price-to-coverage model, so we and our capital partners decline to cover them. Home businesses, including daycares from home, are not included in your coverage.

Impossible to insure

Certain risks such as wars, nuclear hazards, government seizures, injuries and damage intended by the insured, asbestos, and even plain old lack of maintenance break the math that makes insurance work. These events are either so catastrophic, so hard to predict, or so blatantly against the spirit of the policy that there's no way we could ever collect enough premium to cover them.