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Liability Coverage


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Liability Coverage


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Comparison based on San Francisco, the nearest area we obtained data for. Goodcover annual premium estimate is $86.88, and the average of premiums reported by Allstate, Farmers, Liberty, Nationwide, and State Farm is $157.33.

Both estimates assume $30K property coverage, $100K liability coverage, $9K temp-housing, with $500 deductible.

Source: State Department of Insurance Homeowners Coverage Comparison Tool (May 1, 2019) or a reputable aggregation site.

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Get worldwide protection for your stuff, starting at $5 a month. Adored by our members, Goodcover is a refreshing take on insurance.

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Our model prices higher risk applicants accordingly, meaning lower prices for you. You can adjust your coverage anytime, anywhere, instantly.

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You can cancel your old policy anytime and get a refund of anything you prepaid – it's the law. Best part, we'll do the legwork so you don't have any gap in coverage.

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We pay member dividends

We pool Members' premiums, take a fixed fee, pay claims, and return the remainder directly to you through our Annual Member Dividend.

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We’re ruthlessly efficient, and eliminate waste that stands between you and peace of mind. Don't pay for agents and celebrity endorsements.


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We believe premiums are for your protection, not to fatten our profit. With our easy digital-first experience and human support, Goodcover is modern insurance.

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Tech Crunch

The twist? Goodcover returns unclaimed premiums to policy holders at the end of the year.

– Jordan C.

Lindsay P.

Lindsay P.

Um, I just cut my monthly premium for renter's insurance in half... For more coverage with a much lower deductible via @Goodcover


Brenda E.

Brenda E.

I just got rid of Lemonade to use Goodcover. I'm extremely impressed!!

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Han W.

Han W.

I switched to Goodcover, saved 40% and they cancelled my old plan for me!

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Chandan L.

Chandan L.

I thought Lemonade was good until I started using Goodcover. Easy. Simple. Cheap. What more could you ask for?

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Goodcover member

I just signed up for Goodcover. The cost-saving and how simple you make it to switch from Lemonade is truly mind-blowing.

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