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Goodcover’s mission is to build a community of members enjoying financial peace of mind at the lowest possible cost. Our first service is better Renters Insurance designed with members in mind.

Modern Insurance


Easy access

Human support

To reinvent the insurance experience we adopted a cooperative model to put Members first and introduced a radical idea – money not needed to pay claims is returned to our Members through our Annual Dividend. We believe premiums are for your protection, not to fatten our profit.

Bundled with our easy digital-first experience and human touch support, Goodcover is insurance designed for the modern era.

Backed by innovative investors

Y Combinator
Fuel Capital
L2 Ventures

Trusted capital partners

Knight Insurance Group

Goodcover is proud to partner with leading reinsurers who worked with us on an innovative model to deliver a unique product our Members love. Our reinsurers have more than $20 billion in assets combined ensuring our Members have access to financial stability in case of large emergencies.

Fully licensed

States we're in: Arizona, California, Georgia, Illinois, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Texas

We may be a fast moving startup, but we’re not here to break things. Goodcover is fully licensed to offer renters insurance in the following states:

StateAgent #Business Entity