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Blog posts tagged with 'Featured'

Goodcover Monthly News Recap

Team Goodcover 31 Jan 20242 min read

Goodcover Monthly News Recap | January 2024

Goodcover’s monthly series gives renters the scoop on what’s happening in housing, finance, and insurance.

How Goodcover is Adapting to the Changing Insurance Market

Christopher Lotz 2 Oct 20235 min read

How We're Adapting to the Changing Insurance Market

We're committed to transparency, value, and peace of mind. Learn about Goodcover's 2023 Member Dividend, our most recent updates, and new benefits.

The Best Home Inventory Apps for Renters.

Team Goodcover 12 Sep 20236 min read

Reviewing the Best Home Inventory Apps for Renters

A review of our picks for home inventory apps for renters. We’ll break down each app by ease of use, documentation, price, integrations, and backups.

Goodcover’s Guide to Understanding Renters Insurance Payouts.

Team Goodcover 25 Aug 20236 min read

The Comprehensive Guide to Understanding How Renters Insurance Pays Out

How much will your renters insurance payout be? Understanding your policy and the renters insurance claim investigation process helps maximize your settlement.

Goodcover Auto Launches to Help Renters Find Fair Rates on Auto Insurance

Team Goodcover 15 Aug 20232 min read

Goodcover Auto Launches to Help Renters Find Fair Rates on Auto Insurance

Learn about Goodcover Auto -- a service designed to help you find competitive car insurance rates from top insurers to bundle with your renters insurance policy.

Understanding Deductibles for Renters Insurance.

Team Goodcover 27 Jan 20235 min read

Choosing the Right Deductible for Your Policy

Looking for information on renters insurance deductibles? Learn how tenant insurance deductibles work and how you can use them to your advantage.

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